2000/2001 Season


Opened September 2000

Critic’s Pick – Backstage West
Recommended – LA Weekly
LA Weekly Nomination Musical of the Year
LA Weekly Nomination Music/Vocal Direction Dana Bisignano
LA Weekly Nomination Choreography Cate Caplin
LA Drama Critic’s Award Nomination: Choreography Cate Caplin (LA Times, 2/28/01)
Robby Award Nomination – Gary Lee Reed, Director; John Allsopp, Lead Actor
”Not a weak link in the spirited cast.” Backstage West
“The supercharged performers. . . imaginative choreography . . . ingeniously updated.” LA Times
“Compelling . . . Performed by a Christian theatre troupe, the show is cast with committed believers, and their palpable faith permeates every line and song with an appealing resonance that transcends any formal religious doctrine.” LA Weekly


The Hasty Heart

Opened October 20, 2000 – December 17, 2000

Recommended – LA Weekly “Actors Co-op continues an impressive run of terrific work with this vibrant revival.”
LA Weekly Nomination –Best Actor Stephen Van Dorn
Three Maddie Awards – Tim Woodward (performance)
Stephen Van Dorn (performance)
Pepper Sweeney (direction)
Marianne Savell (performance)
Backstage West Honorable Mention – Stephen Van Dorn (performance)
“Enthralling revival” IN/LA Magazine
“See . . . or else!” Park LaBrea


Wait Until Dark

Opened February 23, 2001 – May 13, 2001

Ovation Nomination – Best Supporting Actor Brenda Ballard
“This staging deserves attention. Worth the wait.” Sun Newspaper
“Strong and talented cast.” University Times
“Expertly appointed and compellingly performed.” IN/LA Magazine


As You Like It

Opened April 6, 2001 – June 3, 2001

Critic’s Pick – Backstage West
Backstage West Honorable Mention – Nan McNamara (role of Rosalind)
Backstage West Honorable Mention – J. Kent Inasy (lighting)
Backstage West Honorable Mention – A. Laura Brody (costumes)
Backstage West Honorable Mention – Julietta Marcelli (Choreography)
3 Maddie Awards – Nan McNamara (Rosalind), Tim Woodward (Touchstone), Joel Swetow (Director)
“Sparkling ensemble. Treatment, design, elements and acting that make this [production] irresistible . . . creative direction.” Backstage West