Violet makes it on the BroadwayWorld HOT LIST!

Violet made it onto the BroadwayWorld HOT LIST. See the excerpt below by Ellen Dostal:

"VIOLET - Actors Co-op, through June 17 (matinees added and the show may extend) Another Jeanine Tesori musical is getting a gorgeous revival in an intimate setting at Actors Co-op. The story of a disfigured young woman who travels across the country to be restored by a faith healer is an emotional journey that strikes at the heart of our innate longing to be loved. Among musical theatre circles, director Richard Israel has a well-deserved reputation for crafting memorable performances by bringing out the rich subtleties in a script and cultivating endless nuances of character. The result is an exquisite audience experience that satisfies on every level. VIOLET, starring a luminous Claire Adams in the title role, is his finest work to date. Nicholas Acciani's resourceful set design puts the audience on the bus along with Violet, two soldiers, and a coterie of quirky Southerners who spring vividly to life from the revolving bus seats. Taylor Stephenson's string-based chamber orchestra delicately envelopes the space with the sound of Tesori's folk and bluegrass-inspired melodies. This is another triumph for the Co-op, one with enough tender wisdom in its interpretation to easily restore your own faith in the almighty power of love. Tickets:"

Claire Adams