The Legacy Giving Campaign

Members past and present, donating to Actors Co-op's future…

         There is no one who better understands the ministry of Actors Co-op than the members themselves. The Legacy Giving Campaign is a way for members, past and present, to help Actors Co-op move forward towards greater recognition with larger gifts from new and existing foundations. You have already given so much - sometimes literally - your blood, sweat and tears to Actors Co-op.  In return, we have, as a company, received accolades from our audience and the press.  We’ve also gained a sense of artistic satisfaction, with the awareness that we give our community the highest quality theatrical experience. We know that our theater company goes beyond excellent theater. We are a place for Christians to glorify God through our art. Together, as a Christian community we have the opportunity to reach out to our audience by entertaining, bringing joy or illuminating the darkness through storytelling. From there, we develop our performers and send them out as Christ's witness to Hollywood. By supporting Actors Co-op, even with a gift of $25, we announce to the public at-large that we believe in our mission and see clearly our vision; so much so that we want to be donors as well as company members.

         How does a gift from an Actors Co-op artist, past, present and even future effect major giving from grants, corporations and individuals?  We want to excite outside organizations and individuals with our own commitment to grow in our art and in our faith. One way to do that is financially.  Your gift will help us receive assistance from private foundations and other sources outside the immediate Co-op family. Donation money will go directly to needed facility upgrades, new website costs, new social media development costs, membership in the Los Angeles Stage Alliance warehouse program, staffing hours, grant research, union fees and production costs-all things that allow us to continue to speak Christ's truth on our stages. Every dollar counts! A one time donation of any amount is much appreciated, or you can set up monthly giving on our website. Beginning this season, all artists who give $25(a month of dues!) or greater will be recognized in our playbill, on our website, and other published materials under a new “Legacy Giving” section. 

Thank you for your love and commitment to Actors Co-op!